Dorico closes Note performer

I don’t know if this happens to more people but when I start Dorico sometimes it doesn’t always close Note
Dorico (2.8 MB)

Can you explain what you mean? Do you mean that the Noteperformer VST panel opens when you open an existing document?

Dorico should normally restore any open VSTs. There’s also a setting in application Preferences to force all VSTs open.

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Hi @ximofa , thanks for the data, but could you please try to explain in a little more detail what your issue is.
Because the logs show me, that the audio engine always stops gracefully together with Dorico, and then NotePerformer will also get closed together with the audio engine.
Furthermore, in the topic name you say that Dorico closes NotePerformer and in the text below you say that is doesn’t always close. This is a contradiction, so please try to explain a little more detailed. Thanks

WHAT happens to me is that before opening Dorico I start Note performer Playbak and when I start Dorico it automatically closes the Note And it is something that does not always happen to me, sometimes it works correctly and other times it closes the Note and the truth is that it is very annoying pk my template is quite large and takes a little time to load.
Thank you so much

Sorry, but this is difficult to understand. What do you mean by “opening” Dorico? Launching the application? Or something else?

And “Closing”? Are you talking about opening and closing windows, or something else?

Are you referring to the NPPE (NotePerformer Playback Engine) that is sometimes closing when you start Dorico?

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yes that’s my problem

We are faced with a Spanish and English language problem.

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Perhaps, if you describe your problem in Spanish, one of many translation programs or a Spanish speaking Dorico user could clarify the situation or offer a solution.

tratare de explicar bien mi proceso .
1 pongo a correr el Note Performer Playbak en segundo plano,cuando ya tengo mi plantilla cargada.
2 pongo a correr Dorico 5.1 y en ese momento es cuando.
3 Note performer playback desaparece y tengo que ponerlo a correr otra vez,con lo cual pierdo un monton de tiempo.
4 esto no me sucede todas las veces pero es muy molesto.

via Google Translate:

will try to explain my process well.
1 I start Note Performer Playbak in the background, when I already have my template loaded.
2 I start Dorico 5.1 and that’s when.
3 Note performer playback disappears and I have to start it again, which wastes a lot of time.
4 This doesn’t happen to me every time but it is very annoying.

In other words, you start NP4’s NPPE and load your instruments (is that what you mean by “playback”?)
Then you open Dorico 5.1
At that point NPPE (sometimes) shuts down (“disappears”) and you have to start over with NP.

Have I got that right?
(P.S. This seems much clearer to me than previously.)

si eso es lo que sucede

What instruments (VSTs) are you adding via NP’s NPPE?

plantilla note.pdf (660.3 KB)
ademas de loos saxos de syncron ized

windows 10 i7 discos SSD y 128 ram