Dorico Coach Needed

Hi everyone,

I switched from Sibelius to Dorico in 2019 and continue to be astounded by the magnificent support this forum and the comprehensible user’s manual offer. Thank you so much for that!

However I am very much a “traditional” composer and have never enjoyed fumbling around with technology…

Would someone be happy to be my go-to Dorico geek? I would love to have the support of an experienced Dorico user who can help me directly via skype screen share. I’d be happy to pay for this kind of tutoring.

(I write contemporary concert music, often for orchestra and struggle mainly with playback issues. I use NotePerformer and sometimes Play)

Would love to hear from you!


I’m sure, they’ll read this post shortly, but as far as I know @dankreider and @pianoleo and probably some other users here offer such services.

Check out this:

and see Training

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This course was recently mentioned on Scoring Notes:

Although it’s not the one-to-one tuition you might be looking for, at $29.50 it’s a bargain and would probably help you achieve more of the results you want.

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Dan Kreider, a frequent contributor here, offers this service.

His YouTube video for Finale users converting is excellent.

As stated above, Leo N’s course is excellent also. I used it as a quick refresher after a yearlong hiatus (providing childcare for my grandson due to covid!)from my composition efforts. It got me back into the swing of things (Thanks Leo!) in short order.


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You need a pitching coach? :grin:

This course is great and is available both as a mac/windows download and as an iPad app. I have both and prefer the iPad version which is even less expensive. Either way, I highly recommend this course and expect that if you work through it while making a note of any questions along the way, you will require significantly less personal coaching to get to your ultimate goal.