Dorico constantly crashes


So Dorico crashes a lot whenever I have two different project files open at the same time. It doesn’t matter which files they are, or if they have some music in it or are empty, as soon as I open two at the same time, it lets me do maybe 1-2 clicks and then stops responding. Then I force quit, open it up again, it asks if it should recover files, I say yes and the whole thing happens again.

Working with one file open works most of the time, tho sometimes it too crashes, but I don’t remember what have been the exact causes. A few times it happened every time I deleted a chord from Project Default Appearances list.

Dorico (2.1 MB)

Hi Ronja,
welcome to the forum and sorry to hear about your trouble.
The diagnostics contain several crash files of Dorico as well as from it’s audio engine. The audio engine crashes are always within HALion Sonic SE, of which you have version 3.4.0 installed. Would you please go to HALion Sonic SE 3 free updates and downloads | Steinberg and get the latest 3.4.30 version and see if that runs any better with you?
Regarding the Dorico crashes, someone from the London team needs to have a look.


I deleted and reinstalled Dorico and the whole sound package that comes with it. When I open Dorico, it still tells me that some Halion SE sounds are missing. I feel there is something wrong with the directory of the sound files, but I just can’t figure it out.

Sorry, but why did you not just do what I told?
In that case you need to also run the installer for the sound content package again. I hope you have it still around, otherwise you need to redownload that 9 GB worth of data.

I absolutely did that, but it didn’t fix anything, when opening Dorico it still said the sounds were missing. Then I uninstalled Dorico and the HALion package I previously downloaded from the link you gave, then re-downloaded and installed both Dorico and sound content package from the Steinberg Download Assistant, but the sounds are still somehow missing, or at least Dorico is not finding them. They are not showing up in the Library Manager too, though I think they should?

The sound content package, did you download and let the installer run for it? Of course, the sounds shall appear in the Library Manager. If they don’t, no wonder that Dorico complains about missing things. Maybe we should have a remote screen sharing session so we can walk through. If you agree, please send me a private message and we’ll arrange. Thanks

Regarding the Dorico crashes, it looks like Dorico is often crashing when you try to edit a chord symbol. I guess this problem might be isolated to a particular project. Could you please attach the project here, together with the steps required to reproduce the problem, so we can take a look? Thanks!