Dorico Crash and License Not Working

Something seems to be seriously wrong with Dorico and the whole Steinberg licensing system for me. I deleted a custom project template and Dorico crashed. After that, when I tried to relaunch it said that my trial had expired, but I just purchased a license of Dorico this week, and activated it and so on. Now, Dorico, Steinberg Licensing Assistant, and Download Assistant are all not working. Opening one sends me to another which sends me to another, and none of them are working. I’m a little suspicious of what is going on, as the pop up that said my trial had expired seemed to say it expired in 1970. Help!!

Strange, now I’m able to open it. Not sure what happened. Things seem to be working fine now.

Sorry to hear you had this rather alarming sequence of events! Do let us know if the problem recurs.