Dorico crash boom

Hi team, Dorico has been freezing here and there, on both my laptop and desktop. Here’s a crash log for my latop:

On desktop, Dorico seems to freeze whenever I close out of Project Info dialog by too quickly clicking on the Apply then Close buttons. I’ll post a log from desktop when I’m back to it, but it’s been a day or so I think. Is it still worth posting?


I’ll pass your crash log on to Ulf for a second opinion, but it looks to me like the crash here was in Pianoteq 6, which brought down the VST audio engine, which in turn caused Dorico to hang, very likely during save or auto-save, because it was unable to communicate with the audio engine any longer.

Hi Dan, yes, it’s a crash in Pianoteq. But before you get in touch with them, you have version 6.6.0 but latest is 6.7.3. I don’t know if you are eligible for a free update, but I would try the latest version first.

FWIW, version 6 owners of Pianoteq can update free of charge.

Thanks, all.