Dorico crash(es)


I am using the trial version of Dorico 5 and considering buying it. The problem is, it keeps on crashing with sometimes less sometimes more specific reasons. For example:

  • I am running a Note performer trial that stops after 1h and Dorico 5 crashes instead of just switching/stopping sound (it says “not responding”) - this problem was ongoing even before installing Note performer.
  • When I select multiple or more instruments in engrave mode in starts delaying for almost a second - even with small ensembles of 5 instruments - and eventually crashes if I am not careful.
  • Sometimes it crashes for reasons like: pressing a tremolo without selecting a note, selecting everything and then trying to filter (crashed every time so far)…

Although it has a great auto save system, I still feel like I have to obnoxiously save every two bars. My computer has ran more a lot more demanding programs (I have 11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i7-1165G7 (2.80GHz 2.80 GHz) with 16GB RAM.)

This is one of the diagnostics I ran after one of the crashes:
Dorico (1012.0 KB)

I would appreciate any help…
Thank you in advance!

Welcome to the forum @Lostaccount_007!

Are any of these steps reproducible? i.e. the program quits every single time you do something in particular?

If so, can you list the method?

And perhaps a trimmed down version of your project that you can do it on?

Thank you for your answer!

It quits every time Note performer when the trial version ov Note performer stops working. On the tab of Dorico tab it says “not responding” and regardless of the wait time I have to shut it down. Additionaly I have to force shut down the VST Audio engine in the task manager before reopening Dorico 5 again after this kind of crash.

It also shuts down when selecting all the notes and pressing filter (CTRL+A / right click / filter / notes ) it shuts down without notice.

Before last week it also shut down every time I accidentally wanted to add tremolo without selecting a note.

I am often afraid to press buttons I haven’t before from fear of crashing and I save every time before doing it.

It’s happened on all the project I’ve done so far (3 projects all from 7 to 1 players) regardless of the size.

Thanks for the diagnostics data, @Lostaccount_007 .
There are only 2 crash dumps contained of the VSTAudioEngine. Without having had a deeper look at them, I can say that it is most likely because of the NP trial denying to function after one hour. Then the main thread gets blocked of the audio engine and it cannot answer any requests from Dorico anymore, so that is where Dorico becomes unresponsive, because it waits indefinitely for an answer from the audio engine. Consequently everyting is deadlocked and you need to kill it manually.
Tomorrow I will load the crash dumps into my debugger and take a deeper look. But what I can say already is that Dorico and a fully licensed NotePerformer work flawlessly together; blame some of the trouble you have on the trial version.

And, besides NP quitting, do the other crashes only happen once NP has quit, or can they be reproduced at will?

Can you attach some sort of project? The “selecting all and filtering notes” crash doesn’t happen for me. If this is consistent behavior for you then it’s likely an affect project would be needed to diagnose.

Hi @Lostaccount_007 ,
it’s not 100% like I’ve described before, but close to. The 2 dump files are actually freeze dumps and not crash dumps.
But the effect is nearly the same. Dorico gives command to shutdown, but the audio engine gets stuck during closing down, and because Dorico gets no answer it waits indefinitely. That’s why you have to force quit both, Dorico and the audio engine. But as I said, this won’t happen any more with the paid-license of NP.