Dorico crash on Mojave

Good evening everyone,

I came back on Mojave as i saw Catalina is still a problem but :
I have a problem quite similar on mojave. Dorico is crashing when i do a simple operation such as copying an element ( the playback doesn’t seem provoc the problem).

Here is the report, could you tell me if there is a solution ?

thanks in advance,
Dorico (535 KB)

There are no Dorico crashlogs provided here, so it looks as if your problems are still related entirely to the audio engine. If the problem with copying and pasting something in your project consistently reproduces the crash, please zip up the project and attach it here along with instructions about how to trigger the problem.

Since i couldn’t attach the file cause of the size, here is the drive link

basically i am copying from the piano part to the orchestra part and then orchestrate. Maybe crashing was not the right word to explain that. After lets say 5 to 10 min of work, Dorico freezes and i have to force quit.

edit : i just realise after looking at the icon for playing when i pass from one file to the next too quickly, it need some time to refresh and appear green. My question would be is it possible to somehow shut down the audio engine for example until the work is finish so that there is no latency problem?

Would setting the Playback Templates on each piece to Silent make shifting from one to the other more efficient?

Yes, as Derrek suggests, setting both of your projects to use the ‘Silence’ playback template will make it instantaneous to switch between the two projects you’re working with.