Dorico crash when deleting note head

Dorico crashed 3 times in a row while deleting a note head from the Percussion instrument Playing techniques window. The note head is used in the score. Can’t be a coincidence.

In general this doesn’t cause a problem, as Dorico will automatically update any notes in the score that use that playing technique to use one of the remaining ones. If you have reproducible steps, you should prepare a minimal case that reproduces the problem (e.g. delete all other players, cut down the flow to just a couple of bars) and attach it here so that we can investigate further.

I was able to reproduce the crash with a new empty project. And it happens by clicking the little trashcan in the lower panel (playback of Articulations and Tremolos). I accidentally clicked that one while I wanted to delete a note head.

Thanks, André, I can reproduce that crash too. I’ll make sure it’s fixed for the next update.