Dorico crash, work of today not saved.

I was building an new arrangement. I normally press the cmd-s button many times. In the middle of the arrangement I press shft-b : +8 to insert 8 bars. I have selected the repeat |: bar where I insert the 8 measures.
The cursor changed to an watch and did’t change back. I could click on the menu’s in Dorico and could choose ‘Save’ again. Dorico did’t respond. I have click cmd-option-esc to show the ‘stop’ screen in OSX. Dorico runs normally, but it didn’t respond. I have press cmd-option-esc again to stop Dorico.
After restarting Dorico and opening the file there where no changes saved. All my work since I start Dorico won’t be saved.

We know that auto-save is something that Dorico needs, and as soon as we can prioritise the required time to build a solid and reliable auto-save feature, we will do so.