Dorico crash

Here is a screenshot of Dorico crashing while trying to open a file. It worked fine on retrying.

I have had the same problem loading a file and occasionally when loading the hub. In my case it occurred when I swithched from Dorico (after closing) to another program with an audio content ( in my case Sibelius). When I reloaded Dorico after closing Sibelius the problem occurred. I also encountered it when just playing a cd. The workaround was to reboot my computer and Dorico loaded the file OK.

batwell, are you using an audio interface or your built-in audio?

If it’s the built-in audio, do you know if your computer has integrated audio from Realtek? We’re seeing a few issues with these devices.

One workaround that other users have found works is to install ASIO4ALL and switch to that device in the Preferences -> Audio Device Setup -> ASIO Driver menu.

We’re working on a fix for the Realtek-based audio hardware in the meantime.

Yes, I am using Realtek. I had some problems with ASIO4ALL before but maybe I’ll try it again.