Dorico crash

Dorico crashed when editing the attached file for organ two staffs, in addition I cannot longer open the file (error message). This happened when I tried to change the clef in right hand to bass clef in bar number 15 (with no success). Then I created a second flow and copied bars number 14 and 15 to it and changed the clef in bar 15 (with success). Then I copied bars 14/15 to windows clipboard and tried to paste these bars back to flow 1. This was the moment Dorico crashed. (298 KB)

I will ask somebody on the team to try to recover your file if possible. Do you have a previous backup version that you can use to keep working?

We have been able to recover the project: please try the attached.
Bach, Johann Sebastian - Toccata und Fuge d-moll - BWV (198 KB)

Thank you, Daniel. And as before: when trying to change the clef to bass clef in bar 15 (right hand) nothing happens. Why?

I think the problem is that Dorico won’t create a clef on a selected rest. Select the note immediately following the rest at the start of bar 15 and create the clef there, then drag it leftwards with the mouse and it will snap before the rest.

Whatever I select, Dorico let me not create a clef change in the right hand staff (left hand no problem). Can anyone confirm this? If not, it must be a problem with my configuration.

There’s something still in bad shape in your specific project file, Uwe. I don’t know what you originally did that has upset Dorico, but I wonder whether you should try e.g. exporting the project as MusicXML and reimporting it again, then reconstructing any missing parts in the new project.

Okay, it’s nothing important, I did it only as exercise. It’s just curious that Dorico have problems with the clef change.

The problem is caused by the fact that somehow the stream for items belonging to the RH staff of the organ has become corrupted, so there’s nowhere for the clef to live. I’ve copied and pasted the music into a new project, which is attached, and you should find that you can create clef changes with no problems in here. (212 KB)