Dorico Crashed - Changing percussion playing technique 10 flows in

Dorico crashed on me this evening.

I have a file that I have been working on for several days now. Several flows, and they all are based on a solo snare drum. One of them snare drums is used to notate things like rim clicks, stick clicks, etc.

Under the percussion for snare drum 2 (the one used for the rim and stick clicks), I changed/edited the first playing technique from natural to rim, I hit ok, and Dorico crashed. Mind you, this was several flows in, and the natural technique had been used quite a bit.

Here are the necessary files. (1.51 KB)
Dorico (525 KB) (20.3 KB)
Daniel, this time I was savvy, I made a zip file of the auto-backup if you guys need it.


I was able to make get the change to happen on another attempt.

Possibly I clicked the mouse 1 too many times, and sent Dorico into a spin? Not quite sure. But if there is an issue, I hope my files help find it.


The application.log file you have attached is the wrong one – that’s the one from after you restarted Dorico after it crashed. Look for the one with the timestamp just prior to the time of the crash.

OK, I am thinking this is it… let me know if I am wrong.

Robby (1.95 KB)