Dorico crashed; project lost after being saved

Started a new project. Input some notes. Saved. Tried to switch to play mode by hitting the dropdown on the top left. Dorico crashed at this moment. Got back to Dorico again. Saved project is gone.
Dorico (619.5 KB)

It might not be a real crash. Probably Dorico is just waiting for HALion Sonic to load.

I created another project without writing anything and tried to save. The Dorico window shows “Not responding”. I thought it crashed. Before I kill it HALion was up and the main window became responsive again.

I wonder whether you might be experiencing the problem related to the new MediaBay that has been made available in the last week or so. Please try the workaround described in this thread.

OK I applied ran the bat file. HALion seems to load much faster. Thanks!