Dorico crashes and freezes the Mac


I’m using my desktop Mac from a MacBook. I’m using screen sharing to access my remote Mac, and use it as if I was sitting in front of it.

Everything works great. I’ve used this setup for some years, and I’ve enjoyed how easy it is to work in my preferred location, when needed.

However, it seems Dorico 3.5 can’t be used from remote. The protection key is in the controlled Mac. The eLicenser Control software (run in the controlled Mac) can see it, even if a bit slowly. VSL software can be run (again, with a longer than usual time to check licenses).

Dorico can’t run. It start, but the hub is never displayed, and the app is considered frozen by the system.

What a shame! I want to use it on the Mac where the protection key is attached, with the software run from the same Mac. There is no reason to prevent me to do so, since I’m myself and I’m trying to use (from remote) my own Mac!


Dorico will freeze on launch if it crashed and left the VST Audio Engine running. Force Quit Dorico, then Kill the VST Engine in Activity Monitor, and then try launching Dorico again.

I can’t see how Screen sharing should affect the operation of the licensing.

VST Audio Engine was not running, so the only thing I could do was to restart the Mac.

As it happened several times in the past (but after a crash of VSL software, also protected by the Steinberg key), the Mac froze when shutting down before restarting.

The only way to restart it was to turn it off with power button, and on again. At startup, the Mac warned about non regular shutdown, and asked if I wanted to reopen the apps. It was as if it was restarting from a previous situation.

I fear the time when the Mac will not restart at all, due to corruption while forcefully shutting it down.

This sh@!#y piece of plastic is really making me sick and angry.