Dorico crashes; audio engine process died

Dorico 5 crashes often when I end it. Now I cannot open it. During the start process it says: “Audio engine process died.” I de- and reinstallad dorico 5 - without any result.I put a crash reporthere: Dropbox - - Simplify your life. Windows 10.

You can email the diagnostics to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

For future reference, you definitely don’t need to uninstall and reinstall Dorico. At the very worst, you may need to restart your computer, but really all you need is to make sure that the VST audio engine and Dorico processes are both cleanly exit before you try to restart Dorico again. The easiest way to do this is using an app called Process Explorer, which is like Task Manager on steroids:

Hi @lupus2 ,
thank you very much for the data. There are 25 dump files of the audio engine contained, some go back Dorico 3.5, but also some brand new ones from our latest release, however the ones that I am most interested in are only 0 bytes in length.
So I wonder, how can that happen?
I’d like you to check a location on your harddrive. Go to your Documents folder and in there is a Steinberg subfolder with another subfolder called CrashDumps. Have a look there for files starting with “Dorico 5 AudioEngine 5.6.1”, do they also have zero length on your machine? If not then zip just these together and post here , please.
Other than that, Daniel already summarized it, before you start Dorico, make sure that no Dorico or VSTAudioEngine process is already running.

Files starting with “Dorico 5 AudioEngine 5.6.1 in this folder all have zero length.

That is very odd, because with such files I can not find out anything. Can you bring it again to crash and see if the dump file then maybe contains some data?

I’m sorry, but I cannot bring it to a crash because I cannot start it. Dorico stops the start process saying: “Audio engine process died.”

Can you try restarting your computer, then try running Dorico again. What happens now?

Dorico 5 begins starting until “Initializing UI”; then the message comes : “Audio process died”.

And is there a new crash dump file now and if so, does it have more than zero bytes?

I have the EXACT same problem after upgrading to Dorico 5 on my laptop. Didn’t have this problem on my desktop computer…weird.
I’ll try completely uninstalling and reinstalling Dorico, in the meanwhile, here is my diagnostics file:
Dorico (284.3 KB)

Dorico (81.4 KB)
After deleting Dorico with a strong uninstaller software that deletes all files even remotely related to the program, and reinstalling everything, nothing has changed. Also restarted my computer.

Has there been any update on the issue?

Hi @joonas , in both of your diagnostics reports are no crash files, so I assume that with you the program just freezes but does not crash.
One info that I can’t find in the diagnostics is the version number of the Steinberg Built-in ASIO driver, so please tell me (go to Edit > Device Setup and open the driver’s panel. The version number gets shown on the right side of the title bar.

If the application is just hanging, then we have other means of finding out why.
Please download the free utility Process Explorer from here. After unpacking run the processexplorer64.exe and in the process list find Dorico and VSTAudioEngine (pretty much at the end of the list). Then do a right click on the wanted item and from the popup menu choose Create Dump > Create Mini Dump. Do this for both, Dorico and the VSTAudioEngine process. Zip up the resulting files and post here or if too big send directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Thanks

Dear Ulf,
I’m unable to do any of that because I cannot open Dorico.

As I said, I have the EXACT same problem.

You are puzzling me. On one hand you say you can’t do anything, but where do you have the diagnostics reports from?

Furthermore, what about process explorer, did you get that and use it?
Then please monitor the VSTAudioEngine process, is it really crashing (disappearing from the list) or is it still there but does not respond?

The report gets automatically put on my desktop after trying to launch Dorico. In the process explorer I can’t find anything useful while idle - only things related to Dorico I could find are:

Do those have anything to do with anything?

While launching Dorico, this happenes:

I’m attaching the new diagnostics file that appeared after trying to launch Dorico in the video, and also after trying to open Dorico once by itself (not a project) - the outcome is the exact same.
Dorico (170.4 KB)

I’m running out of ideas. Is there still you reccomend trying?

Hi Joonas, yes, still a lot to try out.
But first, the video is good. It shows the audio engine starting but crashing after a few seconds. But I wonder that there are no crash dumps in the diagnostics. They must get placed on your hard drive differently to where we expect them.
Please try the following:

  • Open FileExplorer (yes, FileExplorer not ProcessExplorer this time)
  • Go to the root of your C:\ drive
  • In the FileExplorer window at the right top is the search field. Type into that box

The search will take quite some time, so let it run.
If there are some search results, then have a look for items starting with "Dorico 5 AudioEngine " in the name. Please gather them all in a zip and send me.

Dear Ulf,

I didn’t find anything named whatever audio engine, only 2 dump files that were contained in somewhere related to Steinberg, dates being today. I’m attaching those now.
dump (332.1 KB)

Ah, now we are slowly getting there. That’s exactly what I wanted. Both dump files are from the VSTAudioEngine. Where did you find them?
Can you please try one more time to start Dorico and see if at that same path a new dump file gets created? And if so, please also send that dump file.
Thanks as always

Here is also something to try out:

  • Go to C:\Program Files\Steinberg and make a copy and paste of the whole Dorioc5 folder and rename it to let’s say DoricoTest
  • Go to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\DoricoTest\VSTAudioEngine and delete the VST3 folder
  • Double click on C:\Program Files\Steinberg\DoricoTest\Dorico5.exe to start it up.

Does that yield better results. I would not expect all crashes of the audio engine to be gone but maybe 30%. Also please provide new dump files if it crashes again.

The .dmp files were under C:\Users\username\Documents\Seinberg\CrashDumps

I deleted those to get a fresh start, tried to launch Dorico (same old result). Here are the diagnostics that appeared on my Desktop:
Dorico (175.4 KB)

But after searching *.dmp again, no recent results appeared.