Dorico crashes constantly


On Dorico 3.5 here. Dorico has been running fine since I bought back in 2020, but since I recently bought an iMac 2017 with latest mac OS it has been constantly crashing to the point where it is unusable. See attached crash report.

Dorico (333.7 KB)

Hi @wilhelm_90 , thank you for the diagnostics data.
There are no crash files contained but the log files suggest, that the audio engine process somehow is deadlocked and that Dorico then can’t properly communicate with it any more and therefore also gets stuck to the point where it does not respond any more.
If you get into that situation again, please open Activity Monitor, look for the VSTAudioEngine process, highlight it and then click the little button with the 3 dots and choose from the pop-up menu Sample Process and post the data here. After that, force quit the process and then start Dorico again.
And one more thing I’ve noticed, you are on an outdated Dorico version, there is a newer 3.5.12 version for free available for you, so please upgrade to that one. Let’s see if that one already performs better with you.

You can download the Dorico 3.5.12 update from here:

Thank you for the swift response!

I’ve downloaded and installed the latest Dorico 3.5 version and the problem still persists. I think it might have to do with a trial version of noteperformer I previously had installed because halfway through the trial the problems began. However, I’ve now uninstalled noteperformer and nothing has changed.

I’ve sampled the process in Activirt Monitor but it seems not possibly to upload text files here? I can’t copy-paste it here because of the text input limits…

Hi @wilhelm_90, just save it as a text file and then zip it up. Zip files are allowed as attachments here. Thanks