Dorico Crashes Mac When Attempting to Edit Instruments in HALion Sonic

Hi @scott.sovereign ,
thanks for checking this all out.
If you have now a “naked” machine where nothing is connected and still get that kernel panic, then it is definitely a graphics driver issue and Apple needs to fix that.
Unfortunately it is HALion Sonic that triggers this bug, but it could be just any other software as well.
So yeah, please report to Apple and hopefully they come up with a solution, soon.

I reported this to Apple using the Feedback Assitant app and included an attachment of a copy of a panic file report.

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I am experiencing the same issue after I upgraded to Sonoma 14.4. I do not expect diagnostic files to show anything as the entire system freezes, then panics. Sometimes the last “Save” is not even written to disk. This has nothing to do with the Dorico file being used as I am able to create a new project, take all the defaults, then select “Edit instrument”. The system subsequently panics at least 80% of the time. I have re-installed Dorico to no discernible effect.

However …

I have yet to have any problems if I am recording the Dorico window with MacOS screen capture!

“Curiouser and curiouser!” Cried Alice …

Dorico Pro
Sonoma 14.4
Mac Mini M2 Pro 32GB

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Hi @richard_baldwin ,
it’s the same thing, a normal application can not bring down the whole computer. Drivers can, and that’s what you face as well. That it does not do while screen capturing is just luck. The timing of kernel routines may change slightly while screen capturing and maybe make the difference.
So it would be good if you also report your error to Apple. Please have a look in the folder MacintoshHD/Library/Logs/DiagnosticsReport/ and all subfolders in there for anything with ‘panic’ in the file name. Using the Feedback Assistant app you can send them to Apple.

Thanks Ulf. I have sent the standard logs to Apple that they automatically request, but I will look in that folder as well.

Much appreciated.

Hi everybody
Same issue here:

  • as soon as I add a new instrument (Dorico5) or change a sound on Halion, first a short “freeze”, then shutdown and reboot.
  • Didn’t experience anything similar with Sonoma 14.3

So I assume you are using Sonoma 14.4 now, right?

There are lots of problems reported with that release of MacOS, so you might be running in one of them. Apple needs to fix a lot of stuff.

macOS Sonoma 14.4: Reasons Not to Update - MacRumors

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Thanks Jurgen

Exactly…. it‘s a huge mess, I am using Dorico almost daily….

I hope these issues will
be solved soon.


Hi @Andreas_Meili , it’s best if you also report to Apple, because the more people do the bigger the pressure on Apple to fix it.

Hi Ulf

Good point, I‘ll do that soon.

FYI, issue is still present with Sonoma 14.4.1. I have reported to Apple.

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Thanks a lot, I do appreciate that!

This seems to be fixed now in the first 14.5 seed, but I’m sure they’ll be able to mess it up before release.

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Unfortunately, I can’t confirm that: I installed 14.5 Beta 2 yesterday, completely reset my MacBook Pro (M2), installed Dorico and Halion Sonic. Still the same problem… :frowning:

But it seems to work in Rosetta mode.

I have same issue on MacBook Pro m3. This is after latest updates.

Yes, everyone has it. You’ll need to wait for Apple to release Sonoma 14.5.

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