Dorico Crashes Mac When Attempting to Edit Instruments in HALion Sonic

Welcome to the forum, @YbengaMusic. Indeed, until Apple release the next Sonoma update, this problem will persist. If it’s causing you a lot of problems, you can try the public beta of Sonoma 14.5.

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Oh… I have the same problem with my Mac Mini M2 Pro. It happened many times and I stoped to open HAlion.

Everyone has the problem.

Apple should release 14.5 within a week, if that. The Release Candidate build is just out.


I had the same problem: freeze and crash as soon as I click the “e”.
MacBookAir with M3, nothin connected, MacOS 14.4.1
I just activated the public beta in Softwareupdates which shows 15.1. After installing it the freezes and crashes are gone.

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Apparently, Apple is releasing in Logic 11 on the Mac on Monday, which will likely need the new OS. The new iPads will be available on 13th, so certainly no later than that.

Sonoma 14.5 has just been released.


I’ve just tried this on Sonoma 14.5 and it works on my machine with no crashes!!! So, it seems like Apple fixed the problem?

Yes. Apple introduced, and then fixed the problem.

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