Dorico crashes on entering info in the CC lanes

As in the header: drawing lines in the CC lanes in the playback window is risky as it can cause a full freeze of Dorico. Then, after a few seconds Dorico quits, without any error message. I’ve encountered this several times in the first Dorico 3 version, but now this happens also after this weeks update. Sometimes there’s no problem, but the other time I draw info there, Dorico quits unexpectedly.
Any clue what the problem could be?

We have had one or two reports of this, but we’ve never seen this in-house. Can you describe the steps to reproduce the problem?

Just write a line in the CC lane, which is bytheway most of the time not the tricky part. When you start editing it, especially moving it up or down causes the crash, at least in my case.

I have been working extensively in the CC lanes for the last couple of weeks and I haven’t experienced a single crash in it. Please could you describe the actual steps or enclose a project that shows the problem?

Hello Paul,

When I have entered notes in the score and then want to apply CC messages, I write those in the CC lane in the playback window. Especially when you pick a dot in the line and start moving these lines up or down, or adding changes in the line, like extra tempo changes, this happens.

My latest project is using VE pro as host, so I’m afraid there’s no use in sending it to you, since it will ask for my instances and libraries.

I’m on a Windows 10, 64 bit machine, 64 gb of ram, all latest versions with updates.

There could well still be good use in sending the project to Paul, since dragging the points around in Play mode has no bearing whatsoever on the specific VST instruments in use. If there’s a particular spot where the editing seems to be crash-prone, send the project to Paul and make sure he knows where you are finding the problems occurring.

This just happened to me as well.

I was attempting to grab and drag a CC up in value from 0 to 127. It was on the first note of the flow. Boom, crash…whole thing came down.

I’m having all sorts of issues with anything ‘custom’ I try to do the first note of a stave/flow. With playing techniques as well. I.E. Things that are NOT supposed to be ‘directions’ (also assigned to ‘attribute’ type techniques) and should end after the note is played just stick throughout the score. So, I gave up on that approach, deleted the custom techniques, and just tried to draw things in CC lanes instead, and CRASH.

As I mentioned, I’ve been working intensively in this area for a while now and I haven’t had this happen to me at all, which suggests that there’s something very specific about the exact combination of edit operations to get to that point, eg whether you hold down the pencil tool to draw a line then click on a point to select, release the mouse and then drag it. Presumably the way that I’m interacting with it is different.

I’ve had this problem also. I’ve experienced it while trying to add pitch bends and I posted about it a couple weeks ago. It is very difficult to know what specific actions result in the crash. It just seems random but it happens often. I do think it is after I’ve entered a pitch bend and then go back to it and attempt to move one of the points by dragging it up or down.

As OP I can confirm it is indeed this way: enter the info with the line tool, then grab the line with the mouse pointer and drag it up or down.
The problem is that it works fine one day, but the other day Dorico crashes, so it’s difficult to say what goes wrong and to reproduce it

In my case it happened when attempting to ‘move’ an event that had already been drawn. I believe the ‘object selection’, rather than the ‘draw’ tool was active.

In my case it happened on a Windows 10 system.

I can’t yet find a way to faithfully reproduce the issue, but upon the instance it did crash I was:

  1. Working with the very first note of a stave/flow, something I’ve noticed some other issues with.
  2. At some point the score had been imported from XML and converted from earlier versions of Dorcio to its present state.
  3. One of the more recent activities working with the score itself involved making/editing custom playing techniques.
  4. There are at least 2 custom playing techniques in the project, and they are active in the expression maps (not the note it crashed on however, though one had been tried and deleted in the past as described in a this thread here on the forum).
  5. I had added a pre roll time of 1 second to see if that would fix an expression map issue. That pre roll time is still active.

The stave was of the ‘player’ type…Violin 1 in particular.

The CC lane I was attempting to manipulate at the time of the crash was CC2. When it crashed there was NO WARNING. Dorcio just bailed and all his windows disappeared, leaving the VSTengine up and running for a moment…my HALion SE and 6 instances remained on screen (no longer working of course) until I forced them closed and rebooted the system to insure all my devices/drivers get a fresh start.

I also have some events living on the CC76 lane.

The CC2 event is tied to a HALion instrument to drive a matrix modifier LFO/Contr. B > pitch

Here are all the Dorico 3 and VSTEngine crash logs from October (that I know how to find).
October Dorico (285 KB)
October VSTAudioEngine (1.76 MB)
I cannot publicly post the actual project at this time, so if a Dorico staffer wants it let me know and I’ll email it.