Dorico crashes on specific file


If I load this file it keeps crashing Dorico and in fact my whole pc, it seems. I am on Win 10 pro 1903.
I am also adding the diagnostics flie.
I hope someone can help.

Thank you in advance!
Basel CC 2021 Sketches-BBCSO.rar (1.11 MB)
Dorico (1.99 MB)

It looks as if it’s the BBC SO plug-in that’s causing the crash. I’m not sure why. I’ve removed the cached playback data from the project, so you should find that the project at least opens again, but you’ll have lost the BBC SO configuration, of course. I’ll ask my colleague Ulf if he has any further thoughts about what might be going on.
Basel CC 2021 (1.04 MB)

Also to me the crash dump does not show much. It’s the BBCSO plug-in that crashes and therefore brings down the whole audio engine. The stack trace shows that BBCSO tries to free some memory and gets in trouble somehow, but I can’t do any further analysis, only the developers of BBCSO can do. Therefore, please get in contact with the makers of BBCSO and send them the VSTAudioEngine3.exe.3604.dmp file which you can find in your diagnostics zip that you attached to this thread. They shall be able to help.

Thank you both!
Great that you looked into this. I will pass it on to Spitfire.

Enjoying Dorico every day!


Hi Dorico team,

I’m trying to get BBCSO Core to work with Dorico Pro, but getting crashes. To reproduce, I open a project that uses Noteperformer, change the playback template to Silence then use the BBC Core playback template to load 18 instruments. I’m on Win 10 with 16Gb RAM. I watch the RAM gradually disappear as the VSTaudioengine eats it up, then Dorico hangs. DMP attached. (Cubase seems happy to load up this many VST instances though.) Is this a Dorico or a Spitfire problem, and do I just need more RAM? It just seems a bit of a graceless way to top out. Thanks for your help.

Dorico 3.5 AudioEngine 64bit 2021.5.28 14.26.dmp (516.5 KB)

Hi TBB, I can’t have a look right now but will do as soon as possible. A little patience please. Thanks

Hi Tony, I had a quick look and it’s a pattern we’ve seen before that leads to our copy protection system. Do you have these kind of crashes frequently or was it the first time?
And do you use a USB-eLicenser or the Soft-eLicenser?