Dorico crashes sometimes when I save a file.


Dorico crashes sometimes when I save a file.

It seems this problem occurs when my computer has been idle for a while (say 1 or 2 hours). As far as I can see my external HD (a small 2.5" USB3 1TB Toshiba) is asleep when it happens.

My external HD includes almost all my music (Cubase files, samples, VSTis, etc.) EXCEPT my scores (Dorico and Sibelius files) which reside on a partition on my internal HD. That partition contains data only.

I usually launch both Dorico and Cubase 7.5 when working. They work together without problems. I also launch Qobuz quite often (a french music streaming service like Deezer or Spotify).

My system : ASUS laptop, Intel I7 CPU, 16 GB Ram, Windows 10 pro, RME Babyface audio converter, External Toshiba 1TB USB3 HD.

I’ll try to report an accurate pattern if I can.

Any similar experience ?


Can you see if you can find any crash dump files and send them to us? Please follow the steps under “Dorico is crashing. What should I do?” in the FAQ thread if you’re not getting any crash dumps, and then hopefully you’ll find that it makes one the next time it crashes.

Hi Michaël

Is Dorico saving to the external drive?
Is the project backup folder also set to be on that drive?
Do you have the problem if you save more regularly (1-2 hours would be a long time between saves for me - I developed a nervous Cmd + S twitch many years ago) or if the save location is on the internal computer hard drive instead of the external drive?

Hi Daniel & John,

First, thank you for your so efficient support and for your dedication :slight_smile:

Sorry I forgot the FAQ thread includes a report procedure. I applied right now the dump-config.reg file.
The crash I’m talking about occured Yesterday 10.30 PM so your registry patch wasn’t in place. Should I send you the dump file I found or should I wait for the next crash (sorry I assume there will be another one although they are rare) ?

@John : Dorico doesn’t save to the external drive. My Dorico files are on the internal drive (on a partition dedicated to data only) so that I can pick up my laptop and go on working on my scores wherever I go.
I usually save quite often but sometimes I forget to do it :blush: (especially when I read a manuscript while composing or orchestrating). Maybe should you also notice I usually turn my laptop asleep without quitting the launched apps.

Are you using any VST plugins aside from HALion Sonic SE?

No, I don’t. I never use Dorico’s audio engine. I only use it as a notation program. However there is a Kontakt 5 in Dorico’s VST plugins folder. Should I remove it ?

No, it shouldn’t cause any harm. If you were using a different VST then that could be one potential cause of a crash.

Somewhat related… Whenever I start a new project and go directly to Play mode and start creating new Expression Maps, Dorico invariably crashes before I’m able to enter data for more than 2 techniques… Perhaps I should document this step-by-step… (in which case it probably won’t be happening…:slight_smile:)

We’ve found and fixed that bug – it’ll be in the next update.