Dorico crashes - transfer license

Dear support!

I finally downloaded Dorico - after using the browser-download as the download assistant didn’t work (probably a firewall setting) -, I activated the license and started Dorico. But unfortunately whenever I try to create a new project, the software crashes.

The office PC is still running Win 7 64-Bit. I already ordered a USB-eLicenser, but this will take several days till it will arrive.

So now my plan is, to install Dorico on my home PC (Win 10) to check, if it works here or not. My question now is, if there’s a possibility to transfer the license from my work PC to use it on my home PC without having to wait for the USB-eLicenser? Or is this license now stuck to my office PC…?

Thanks a lot and best wishes,

I apologise for it, but Dorico is not supported on Windows 7 OS. Further details are available at the following link:

You can move/download the Dorico license on the USB-eLicenser by using eLicenser Control Center application:

If you connect a USB-eLicenser to the computer on which you’ve already activated Dorico, you can simply move the license from Soft-eLicenser to USB-eLicenser by drag & drop. After you can install and use Dorico on Windows 10.
USB-eLicenser must be connected to a computer Usb port.

kcnarf007 solved it for me - Thx! I installed Asio4All and changed the sounddriver on the Dorico hub. Now it works on Win7!