Dorico Crashes Upon Opening New Project

Hello all,

I just bought Dorico and was initially able to open it. After not having it open for a while, I went back to open it and the program crashes upon opening a new project or selecting any of the options “SATB With Piano, Solo, etc”

I searched the forums and found that I have RealTek audio on my laptop so I installed ASIO4all and have set Dorico to use it. The setting has stuck, but even after multiple cycles of opening and closing the program (as well as a few full computer reboots) the problem still persists.

Any ideas? How might I get more information to you so you can help solve this!?

Thank you!

I’m very sorry you’ve had problems. Please follow the steps under “Dorico is crashing. What should I do?” in the FAQ thread to produce some crash dump files, then zip them up and attach them here and we’ll take a look as soon as we can.

Here it is!

Thank you! Didn’t realize I’d get so lucky to have Daniel respond! :smiley: (350 KB)

Thanks, I’ll ask one of my colleagues to take a look as soon as possible and we’ll report back when we have something for you to try.