Dorico crashes very often when selecting ASIO driver

Hello everyone,

I have to switch very often my ASIO drivers while using Dorico : either my audio interface (UR242), my computer output, or Zoom (for remote teaching). Well, Dorico crashes almost every time when I’m switching back from Zoom to my computer output. I need to restart the computer to make it work. And sometimes it still doesn’t.

I’m using macOS Catalina, but it was the same before, on Mojave. Did anybody encountered a similar issue?

Thanks for your help…


Hi Francis, please do ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ from Dorico’s main menu and attach the corresponding zip file here. It shall contain log and crash files which hopefully tell us what is going wrong on your machine.
But one question, why do you switch drivers so much? Even for Zoom you could use the UR provided you have a microphone connected to it.

Dorico (1.6 MB)

Here it is!

I’m using my computer microphone (which works well). I haven’t found any other way to send Dorico’s sound. (I’m sharing computer’s screen and enabling the sound sharing)

Thans for the data, Francis. I did take a first look, but could not find any crash files, only spindumps. So Dorico is not responding anymore and you have to force quit it, right?
If that happens, have a look at Activity Monitor and also kill the process VSTAudioEngine. If that one is also gone, you can start Dorico directly again and don’t need to reboot.
Tomorrow we will have a closer look.

Yes I need to force Dorico to quit…

Ok, I’ll try that next time.
Thanks for your help!

We had a look at the diagnostics but could not find the smoking gun. Can you reproduce the issue easily? If possible, could you please write down the exact steps you are doing?
We saw you changed device and sample rate at the same time. Did you do that deliberately?
Also, if you can reproduce it or if it happens again, could you please open Activity Monitor and at the top of the window click the cog wheel icon and choose ‘Create Spindump’? Thanks very much.

Sure! I didn’t changed deliberately the sample rate

  1. I opened Zoom, then I opened Dorico. I shared the screen with Zoom with enabled sound.
  2. I opened Dorico audio preferences to change the output from internal output to Zoom. The sampling was at 48 kHz. It freezed. I created a Spindum (#1) there
  3. I forced Dorico to quit and opened it again.
  4. I changed the sample rate to 44.1 before changing the output for Zoom. It worked that time, but while it switched to Zoom, the sample rate changed automatically to 48 kHz. Now I can switched from Zoom to internal output without any problem.
  5. I quit Zoom, I quit Dorico.
  6. I open Dorico again, now it freezed when I wanted to switch from Zoom to my internal output. The sample rate was 48 kHz.
  7. I created another Spindump file (#2)
  8. I killed the VSTAudioEngine and Dorico in the Activity monitor
  9. I opened Dorico and I switched form Zoom to Internal output. It worked.

The only sample rate available for Zoom is 48 kHz. I hope it will help!

Francis (703.9 KB)

Hi Francis, many thanks, the description and the spindumps are very useful. But today I don’t have access to my Mac, so I will resolve them tomorrow and look further. I will come back on this.

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