Dorico crashes when changing instruments

Dorico keeps crashing when I try to change a player’s instrument from bassoon to contrabassoon. Sometimes, the instrument change works fine in galley view but it crashes when I change to page view.

I am using Dorico 4.2 on Apple Silicon (native).

I would be happy to provide more information if it helps. Thanks!

Welcome to the forum, Daniel. I’m sorry you’re running into this problem. Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so I can get a look at the crash logs?

It looks like the crash is occurring because of something specific going on with the brackets and braces in your project. Are you able to share the project here along with the steps to reproduce the problem so we can have a closer look?

Thanks for attaching your project, Daniel. If you remove the bracket and barline change at the start of the flow (delete its signpost), then change the instrument, then recreate the bracket and barline change, you should be able to work around the problem. The good news is that this problem won’t occur in the next update when it arrives.

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