Dorico Crashes when changing staff size

Trying to change the staff size of this long score and every time I do, the whole Dorico program closes.
Dorico file is too large to upload, here is a dropbox file: Link

I can confirm that this happens, at least when changing the score staff size using layout options. I don’t have a solution yet, but I do reproduce the problem.

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Removing the page with the notation description does prevent the crash. So it is likely related to the music snippets and their staff size. I’ll see if I can dig deeper, but someone with more experience with music frames may come up with a better diagnosis

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So, what I have done is this:

First, I unhid the signposts. Then, in engrave mode, I added a system break at the beginning of the first excerpt. In the in properties box, I then flipped the staff size switch and entered the value for raster No. 8 (the one you use in the score), which is .036 if you use points but could be another value in millimeters etc … Then I went to write mode, selected and copied the system break, and pasted it at the start of every music frame. Since you already had a system break in one of them, I entered the value for raster 8 manually in that one.

Once that is done, you can make a global staff size change in Layout Options without the program crashing.

Having said that, you can also add a system break at the start of every flow, and choose your staff size there. I have only done it the other way to establish the fact that the crash proceeds from those excerpts frame.

Now we just need to know why this makes Dorico crash in your program, and if it is a fixable bug.

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Thanks for reporting this, Freddie (and congratulations on producing a very handsome score). I can reproduce the crash and have asked my colleague Andrew to look into it. The nature of the problem is that when the staff size is increased, one of your music examples is running off the end of its frame, and while this normally wouldn’t cause a problem, for some reason it’s causing a crash in this specific circumstance.

In the meantime, as Claude suggests, creating an explicit system break at the start of each of your music examples in the prefatory pages and overriding the global staff size, setting it to the current staff size, so that changing the overall staff size in Layout Options doesn’t affect the frames on your prefatory page.


I wish to echo Daniel’s comment about the score. I was very impressed at how beautiful the layout was! Congratulations!