Dorico crashes when I try to transpose

Each time when I tap the “transpose” button in the context menu there is a “transpose” word appears and the app reboots. Tried to reboot the device, it didn’t help. I use the latest versions of iOS and Dorico. 11” iPad Pro M2 2022. And also when I export a diagnostic file in settings there is nothing in “crashes” folder so I’m not sure if sending this zip can help.

Welcome to the forum, Julia. I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into this problem. Can you take a look in Settings > Privacy & Security & Analytics & Improvements > Analytics Data and see if there are any files with names beginning with Dorico in there? If so, please zip them up and attach the resulting zip file here so we can take a look.

Did you manage to resolve this issue? I’m getting the same problem… the app freezes on a darkened screen with just the word ‘Transpose’

Can you post the files Daniel requested above? (7.4 KB)

Thanks for the crash log. The crash is deep in operating system code and not in Dorico itself. What version of iPadOS are you running, Chris, and on what device?