Dorico crashes when loading xml -file

I try to load this xml-file. Dorico immediately freezes.Arioso_from_Cantata_BWV_156_by_Bach_for_Violin_and_Piano.mxl.xml (16.1 KB)

I managed to get it to open without any crashes or error messages by removing the “.xml” at the end of the complete file name so that the complete name looked like this: Arioso_from_Cantata_BWV_156_by_Bach_for_Violin_and_Piano.mxl

“mxl” and “xml” are both file types, and having the two of them there probably caused some confusion as to what type the file actually is. By doing what I described, Dorico and Sibelius were able to open the file (ending in just “.mxl”) without any complaints. MuseScore and the Finale trial version also had no problems with it.

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I have removed the xml ending, but Dorico is still crashing. It seems that the ending .xml is still there, even if you remove it ( with the files app).

Try this one. I had to zip it to upload. (17.0 KB)

If that doesn’t work, try this one - I imported the mxl file into Dorico and then saved it as a Dorico file.
Arioso_from_Cantata_BWV_156_by_Bach_for_Violin_and_Piano.dorico (963.8 KB)