Dorico Crashes When Renaming Group

Hi Folks,

Dorico keeps crashing in one of my larger documents whenever I click on an instrument>add to group and then rename the group. This does not happen in a blank Dorico session. I was hoping the crash log may illuminate what is causing it.

I am on the latest version of Dorico
Mac Mini Apple M2 Pro
OS Ventura 12.2.1
32GB of RAM

Dorico 5-2024-06-16-224253.ips (67.1 KB)

We have seen this before in large projects. Under some hard to reproduce circumstances we can end up with a re-entrancy problem, where a new edit sneaks in before an existing edit has completed, resulting in a crash. To avoid it until such time as we’ve been able to resolve this, try renaming the group by right-clicking and choosing Rename Player Group from the context menu, then using the little dialog that appears.