Dorico crashes when running Logic Pro at the same time

I am quite a newbee on dorico and i think it would be the gamechanger, if the interface would not be that laggy. it is actually maybe getting me back to the one i used before, as it is slow. On the other hand, (nearly) all the functions are so brilliantly thought through and I am already quite fast , though just using it for a week really. it’s just the laggyness which is really annoying. As well in my current project, just a “save” takes up to 10 seconds, which should not be the case on a mbp16’ (I hope!-)

Another thing which is currently making me desperate is that i am normally used to work in logic pro in parallel (as the source material is coming from there). i don’t know why, but even when i switch the audio engine off in logic, dorico is crashing the second i touch logic and go back to dorico. this is repeatable on my machine using different audio interfaces, sample rates (which i had suspected initially as problem)

You will only get sensible answers to problems like this by posting your diagnostics (Help>Create Diagnostics Report and upload the zip file from your desktop)

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Dorico Diagnostics DMenke (2.2 MB)

Thanks for the info Janus.

(Now you will need a little patience. It’s the weekend and the dev team is entitled to R&R)

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Does Logic seize exclusive control of your sound card? That would freeze Dorico’s audio engine.

Hi @Derek,
no, actually not at all.
I tried:
using different sound cards as well as not even loading the logic audio engine at all (ctrl while startup)
Thanks for your help!

btw i moved this logic crash subject to a different threat so we don’t get confused in here…

This is the same issue as discussed in your other thread here:

I’ll close this thread. If you have anything further to add, please add it to the other thread.

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