Dorico crashes when taking transport bar out of full screen

This sequence of actions always crashes for me. I’m running macOS Sierra on a late 2013 Retina MacBook Pro, 8GB of memory.

  1. Open Dorico, new empty project.
  2. Put it to full screen mode.
  3. Click “Show Transport Bar”, which opens the transport bar in a new full screen.
  4. Take the transport bar our of full screen mode.
  5. I get this:

Internal error
An uncaught exception was raised. Choose “Continue” to continue running in an inconsistent state. Choose “Crash” to halt the application and file a bug with Crash Reporter. Choosing “Crash” will result in the loss of all unsaved data.

Unfortunately, the dialog buttons don’t actually respond, so I can’t actually click “Crash” - I just have to Force Quit Dorico. I seem to have two Dorico-related crash logs (attached), but I think none of them is from this.
Dorico crash (38 KB)

We hadn’t come across this crash before - I’ve logged it. Thanks for the clear reproduction steps.

Same topic, slightly different reaction:

Open Dorico, go in fullscreen mode ; show transport (by hitting F2)… Impossible to show the main windows. I had to quit Dorico… (Mac OS El Capitan)

One more macOS full screen issue:

  1. Open Dorico, new empty project.
  2. Put it to full screen mode.
  3. While in full screen mode, create a new project.
  4. Try to close the new project, don’t save changes. Dorico quits entirely (or crashes?). It doesn’t even go back to Steinberg hub. I don’t get a crash report.

It’s crucial that I’m in full screen mode when creating the new document. If I first create the new document, and then put them both to full screen, they go to different screens:
Documents in different screens.jpg
In that case closing works normally. But if I’m in full screen when I create the new document, the documents go to different tabs:
Documents in different tabs.png
I’m not sure if this difference is intentional or not.

I’ve had some weird interactions with full screen too - very similar crash to OP, but instead of transport I got it with the mixer.