Dorico Crashes with Music XML on Import ?

I’m checking out Dorico SE and contemplating crossgrading, but I’m getting a bunch of crashes when trying to import Music XML. I’m pretty sure I used SmartScore MusictoXML to create the xml files, which open fine in other notation software, but crash Dorico. Are there known issues around MusicXML or other known incompatibilities that generate crashes? You’d think if Dorico couldn’t decipher something in the XML it would bypass whatever was causing the issue and attempt to import everything else without crashing.

while I’d like to share an example file, this is scanned notation from commercial scores (so copyrighted material).

Do try searching this forum for Smartscore; yours is far from the first complaint of this variety:[0]=246

Welcome to the forum, BeckettColt. You can email me the troublesome MusicXML files at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de and I’ll take a look.