Dorico crashing a few seconds after saving

I’ve been having a similar issue the last few days, with none of the earlier fixes working for me. In my case Dorico consistently crashes after saving, with the save always (so far) successfully completing, then Dorico crashing around 5-10 seconds later. I’m on a mac running Mojave, and using only the default Dorico playback (no NotePerformer or custom VST’s), I just updated to Dorico 4.3.20 from 4.3 hoping that would fix the issue, but no luck. Attached is a diagnostic file I generated in the window after a save but before the crash
Dorico (940.1 KB)

See if this thread is helpful.

And welcome to the forum, @w_williams.

Thanks, I’ve reverted back to Dorico 3.5 for the time being which seems to have solved the problem!

Welcome to the forum, @w_williams. I’m sorry you’ve been encountering crashes. We have seen these crashes before, and we believe we have an internal fix for them. If you’d be willing to try a build that includes the putative fix, please let me know, and I’ll make arrangements to provide you with an updated build for you to try.

(The thread that @Derrk suggested is not relevant in this case.)

Would it make sense to pin the correct thread. I tried to search for the correct one.

The problem here isn’t at all related to HALion or MediaBay.

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That would be great, thanks!