Dorico crashing after trying to use midi keyboard input

Dorico is crashing whenever i try to put in a note with a midi keyboard. (Arturia Minilab mk II)
Here is the os x crash report as well as the dorico diagnostic:

Dorico (2.6 MB)
os x (332.0 KB)

as well Dorico crashes whenever i try to work in parallel with logic (when i open logic, even without audio engine, Dorico freezes and then crashes…
thanks for any hints!

Hi @David_Menke , that is a well known bug in Dorico and we have already a fix for it, but it did not go public, yet.
If you can, please wait a little more, we are in the making of a Dorico update.
If you are desperate, then maybe Daniel can send you something.

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Hi Ulf, thanks for this!
I am not desperate don’t worry, there are bigger problems in life than this geeky one.
Thanks a lot, have a great we, will be greatfull for the update then.

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Thanks it works!

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