Dorico crashing and burning

Dorico has quit on me. Steinberg claims I don’t have a license for Dorico 4, which I have been using for at least months. When I seek help from Steinberg, I get run in circles. I have tried my old 3.5 and 4. My time ran out to finish bringing 5 to life because none of those endless clusters of characters worked although I did enter them correctly more than once. I can run the software, but when I look for Dorico Help (I always have to review things I don’t do often), Steinberg locks up and when it revives there are no characters to read, just shaded lines.
I have decide for now to revert to pencil and paper like the good old days.

Is it possible Steinberg has you registered under multiple email addresses?

Yes. It sounds like you know more about all this than anyone. I’ll gladly tell them what the names are if anyone is interested. They don’t seem to be. Is your computer responding very slowly like mine today?

You should probably message @dspreadbury directly. He will be able sort out multiple accounts.

Can you describe this a bit more? When you say “Steinberg locks up”, what do you mean? Dorico? And this happens when you view Help pages in your browser?

Can you supply a screenshot of these “shaded lines”?

It looks like the problem, @spencered, is that you have purchased the wrong Dorico 5 update: you are eligible to buy a Dorico 5 update from Dorico 4, but it appears that you might have bought the Dorico 5 update from Dorico 3.5 or earlier.

I will ask my colleagues in our support team if they can find your recent Dorico 5 update order on our online shop to verify whether I’m correct, and if so, I’ll ask them to issue you a refund.

In the meantime, I’ve extended your temporary Dorico 5 license for another 30 days to give us time to get this straightened out. If you run Steinberg Activation Manager on your computer and click the “refresh” button in the top right-hand corner, you’ll see that you can click Activate again for your Dorico 5 license, and that will get you back up and running for now.


Thank you, Daniel.
While we’re here, I’d like to share some thoughts.

First, I got so confused and discouraged with Steinberg’s demands that yesterday I went to Sweetwater, my long time favorite go-to guys for stuff, and I bought Dorico_5 for the same fee ($159.99?) and zero effort to get it up and running. Truly, I don’t care if that’s more money than necessary. It’s not enough in my opinion. I would feel relieved to know you all got a raise because Dorico started charging a yearly fee.

I’m not Bach or Rembrandt, and I don’t even have an audience, but I do like my charts to look good and read easy. I get more relief, joy and satisfaction from the guidance that you and others give so freely and in a timely manner. Without you all I’m a nervous wreck.


Well, it all came and went. I don’t know what was happening with the shaded lines. It all cleared up the next day.
I think I’m out of the woods for now. I was having a hell of a time going from Dorico 4 to 5. Thanks for your attention.

Spencer, it’s so kind of you to say that you would be happy to pay more, but there’s really no need. However, I can’t see in your account any evidence of your new license purchased from Sweetwater: you still have the same “verification pending” license as before. Do you have another Steinberg ID account with a different email address? If so, please send me a private message with that email address, so I can look into what might be going on there.

I don’t know how to send a private message.

Click on Daniel’s foto or on his name, and in the appearing window you will see a blue Message button, that you can click. In this way you can send a private message to him.

Thank you!