Dorico Crashing and Causing Shutdown to Mac Studio

I’ve been having an issue with Dorico hanging on start, waiting for the audio engine, then when I get past that (by force closing the VST Audio Engine), it only intermittently loads the playback template based on BBCSO Pro that I picked up from the Forum. I can’t open the plugin window or expression map until the instrument loads (that may be normal).

I’m guessing the issue is related to loading of BBCSO Pro, but since I’m reasonably new to Dorico and am not sure what the process should look like, I’m not sure. What I am sure about is that Dorico should not be crashing so badly that it causes the whole computer to restart.

Once the VST Audio Engine stops increasing in size, I would think Dorico would have the instrument loaded, but it doesn’t reliably play and there seems to be no way to change playback templates either (it is grayed out).

The playback engine on button remains off throughout. I can push it to illuminate it, which it does but that doesn’t change anything. If I then turn it off, Dorico hangs with the rainbow ball of confusion. I’ve left it that way for several minutes, the VST audio engine does not change in Activity Monitor.

In any case I attach the diagnostic report.

Mac Studio M2 Ultra 192GB; Sonoma 14.4.1; Dorico; Audio Engine
Dorico (2.4 MB)

Second crash, this time after Dorico loaded Kontakt 7 and I was choosing an instrument. Attached is the diagnostic report created after I restarted the computer.

Dorico (2.0 MB)

This is a bug in Sonoma 14.4.1. Upgrade to Sonoma 14.5 (which was released yesterday) and the problem will go away.


I hope you are right because this is really bad. I haven’t had so many fatal crashes on a mac in more than a decade. I had a half dozen more after I posted this.

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Does 14.5 fox the issues with iLok as well (if you’re iso g it)?

The iLok problem was fixed in 14.4.1 already

Aah ok. That’s great to know. My Mac can stop bugging me about it then.