Dorico crashing; can't add "crash dumps" to registry

I’m working with the Dorico demo and it seems to be crashing on me within ten or twenty minutes of getting started on a project. There’s no obvious circumstances triggering the crashes. I went to the FAQ thread and ran the registry key zip file as instructed. I got a message that said the keys had been installed, but there seems to be no Crash Dumps folder in the designated location. I restarted the computer, no such folder. I ran the registry key zip file again, again got the success message, and again there is no such folder.

Any ideas for me?

Apologies, I made a mistake while moderating your three posts and have ended up removing the wrong one! Can you please re-attach the zip file containing your .dmp files here so we can take a look?

No problem, here it is.

For anyone following along, I have the demo installed on Windows 10. Its crashing within a few minutes of beginning work on a project, every time I try. I figured out how to get the crash dump file, and one is attached here. Please let me know what suggestions you have- thanks! (418 KB)

Any ideas for me yet, Daniel at Steinberg? :wink:

I’ve asked my colleague Paul to take a look, but unfortunately he’s on holiday now, as are many of my colleagues (including, technically, me) and I’m not sure when he will check in on his email. I’ll see if I can find anybody else to take a look at your crash dump but I can’t make any promises, sorry!

No prob- thanks for the effort! I’ll keep an eye on the thread…

Just bumping this up. Any luck diagnosing my problem?

Please don’t bump threads! We won’t forget about you.

I’m afraid Paul will not be back from his holidays until Thursday, and he will have a lot of catching up to do when he returns, so please give us a few more days.

I’ve now had a chance to look at this and I’ve found that this is a crash we haven’t seen before. The crash occurs when a particular thing in the score is selected. Can you attach here (or send to us privately) the score that you are using and what you’re selecting that causes it to crash?