Dorico crashing on I/O changes

hi folks – I wonder if it’s possible to work on solving for crashes when:
– audio output accidentally changes (i…e. I unplug headphones, or plug them back in)
– MIDI keyboard unplugs

both of these things happen accidentally from time to time and lead to crashes, unfortunately… of course it’s nice to remember not to unplug your headphones or keyboard, but these things do happen more often than we like…

thank you!

Hi @Elljay, please choose from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

can I ask, how much of my personal information (computer name, file or project name, titles, etc.) is shared in these zip files? thanks!

Hi @Elljay , instead you can send it directly to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de. Full confidentiality guaranteed from my side.

If you’re curious what is included in the diagnostic reports, you can of course unzip one and have a look. It essentially consists of the Dorico 4 folder from your user-level application data folder, the Activation Manager folder that includes the logs for licensing, and any Dorico and audio engine crash reports that it can find. There is some information like file paths (which may therefore include your local computer user account name, if it is the same as the folder where your user data lives) but nothing more insidious than that.