Dorico crashing on paste from partly split staff.


what I did:

Selected a whole staff of the Basso Continuo that splits into two staves in one spot for a few bars.
Copied it to lower system of Harp.


Don’t know if this is already known, anyway, now I reported it.

It seems that the solution for now is to make sure that none of the signposts for “+/-1 staff” is selected, then it works. Would be nice to have that in the filter!

It is also not possible to copy from one of the added staves in the B.C. to for instance Violoncello. Maybe this one has to do with the way things work when copying from Piano to single staff instruments?

I think it has to do with a bug that has been reported several times about copying from bass staff in grand staff instrument in Dorico pro 2. Solved in the forthcoming update.

Thanks a lot Marc. There is such a flow of threads and information on the forum that it is easy to miss important things.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this crash. It will be resolved in the forthcoming update.