Dorico crashing on quit


Dorico has started to always crash on quit. The app becomes unresponsive, and has to be force-quit. When trying to launch it again, it immediately freezes.

The only way to make it work again is to restart the Mac. As a side note: having to restart the Mac for a frozen app is something that I hadn’t seen since the times of System 9.

Please see the attached crash reports.

Paolo (819 KB) (1.16 MB)

I can only assume you’re running VePRO, given your various other recent threads. See

Pianoleo, thank you very much for pointing me toward that thread. Yes, my issue is probably related to that one.


As pianoleo mentions, there is a known issue where the audio engine crashes on quit. We are currently under investigation and assume that it has to do with VEPro. It disturbs the order of object destruction and therefore crashes us. To see if yours is really the same issue, please start Dorico and then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report.
That creates a zip file on your desktop, please attach here. Thanks

Ulf, thank you very much for your answer. Happy to know you are already after it!

I must also report that when Dorico is misbehaving, I also see that synsopos becomes unresponsive in Activity Monitor.

Please find my diagnostic report attached.


Dorico (733 KB)

Hi Paolo, looking at the crash reports contained in the diagnostics, yes, it’s the same, already known issue. We analyzed already quite deeply, but probably need to work together with our friends from Vienna to resolve it. However, a solution seems to be on the horizon.

Ulf, very good news! It’s great to know that two of the best music software around are growing together!