Dorico crashing on start-up

This issue just happened to me with Dorico 4 on Windows 11.
I was using it normally, then plugged a headphone but apparently Dorico did not recognize the headphone and continued playing through my laptop. Then I tried to restart Dorico and that happened:

Dorico (517.5 KB)

Hi @Coe, if that happens to you, please start Task Manager anf kill off the Dorico Process and also do the same to the VSTAudioEngine process. Once both are cleaned out, Dorico should start normally again. If it does not, try a reboot of your machine

Another crash today (so, after restarting the laptop). But I can’t upload the diagnostic report here because it says “Sorry, the file you are trying to upload is too big (maximum size is 4 MB).”

Please send to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de instead.

Done. Thank you!

Thank you. I’m checking now.

Edit: The diagnostics contain 2 dump files of Dorico itself, so I forwarded your data to Daniel for further investigation.

@Coe, we recommend that you try updating your graphics card drivers, and see if that helps at all.

Don’t they update automatically with Windows’ updates?

The graphics driver is (or at least may be) part of your computer operating system; Dorico would not (and should not) change it.

I suppose so. I what I meant is that I don’t know if I can update the graphics card drivers manually, because I think they update automatically when there is a Windows update.
I think I reinstalled Dorico a few days ago and for now it’s not crashing.

Unfortunately, another crash with audio engine died. This time when I was starting Dorico just after having closed it.
Dorico Pro 4 version (Mar 10 2023)
Dorico 4 AudioEngine Version

Dorico (486.5 KB)

If one tries to restart Dorico too quickly after closing it, the Audio engine may not have time to wind down. Give it a few seconds.

Ok, but Dorico has just had another crash. This time Dorico was open and I was on a website watching some youtube links. Then, I went back to Dorico and it was “not responding”.

Dorico (554.4 KB)

When Dorico hangs and you forcibly quit it, there won’t be any crash logs created. We need to figure out why Dorico is hanging on your system. Next time you encounter this problem, run Activity Monitor and create a spindump as described here:

Then zip up and attach the resulting file and attach it here.

That’s for Mac, I use Windows 11.

In that case please download and run the free utility Process Explorer, which you can get from here.
When Dorico hangs or does not respond anymore, open Process Explorer, scroll pretty much to the end of the list of processes and find Dorico and the VSTAudioEngine process. Do a right-click on them and choose from the pop-up menu Create Dump > Create Mini Dump. It is even best if you do that 2 or 3 times in a row for each, Dorico and the VSTAudioEngine process. Then zip up all the single dump files and attach here. Thank you very much

Another crash. This time I did not forced Dorico to shut down so I suppose the logs were created. I cannot attach it here as it says the file is too big, so I will send it to u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de

Hi @Coe , thanks for the data again.
This time again was one real crash dump of Dorico.
But it looks same to like before where it is crashing in the Qt-OpenGL code.
Have you already tried to update your graphics driver?

(@dspreadbury , I’ve created TST-1772 where are also the resolved dumps )

Hi. No, because, as I said, I don’t know how to do this except by the automatic Windows’ updates.

Here is a link to a help article from Microsoft Support : Update drivers manually in Windows - Microsoft Support