Dorico crashing repeatedly since today

Hi y’all,

Since yesterday I have been working on a symphony orchestra template. Today I continued, creating new paragraph styles and finalising the templates.

The first crash came when working on paragraph styles (also funnily I wasn’t able to erase one custom style that I did not need). Since then have had 5 crashes within an hour.

Yesterday I updated my UA software to the latest 11, but I just had the crashes today. Any idea what might cause these? (40.0 KB)

You have selectively chosen to provide only a few of the crash logs, so I can’t say for sure what is happening. It’s better to upload the whole of the diagnostic report, rather than manually pruning it before you send it to us.

Unfortunately, one of the crash logs can’t be parsed by our tools that restore the debug information to the logs, so I can’t say what happened there.

One of the three crashes is a well-known one concerning the shared video engine, which causes Dorico to crash on some Macs when you quit. That particular crash will be fixed in the next update, when it comes.

The third crash does indeed appear to be related to updating the controls in the text editing popover. If Dorico seems to have problems with a specific text item in the project, you should cut the project down to the smallest part that reproduces the issue, and attach the project itself here, together with steps to reproduce the issue.