Dorico Crashing when adding VSL Schron-ized percussion

Hi There,
I’m making a new template for my VSL Synchron-ized libraries (and the newly added percussion instruments) - but each time I add a percussion instrument, Dorico crashes.

The diagnostic file can be downloaded here (sorry the zip was too big to upload directly):

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

I’m using:
Dorico Version (Mar 10 2023)
Vienna Synchron Player 1.2.602
Monterey 12.6.5
on a Mac Studio w 128 GB Memory.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Eve, why don´t you use the expression maps of VSL? For the Synchron and Synchronized Instruments they have created all important expression maps specially for Dorico, and they are working fine. You only have to login to your VSL account and you will find them all, then download all you need and install them, it is very easy. Synchronized Percussion is new, but I am sure that they already created expression maps (or during the next days). Greets from Germany - Henning

P.S. first download with Vienna Assistant the newest Synchronplayer and then VSL for Dorico, also new version (2.3.4.) Then everything should work fine…

Hi Henning,
I am using the VSL supplied expression maps. That isn’t the issue. When I load a Synchron Player with the new Synchronised Percussion instrument into Dorico it makes Dorico crash. The Diagnostic report suggests a memory issue.

I’ve sent you a private message, Eve, with a potential solution to this crash.

Thanks Daniel, much appreciated!