Dorico Crashing When Editing Custom Percussion Map

I have attached a project (I’ve cut out all the data, but the problem doesn’t change) I’ve been working on for the last 6 months. I’ve also included a spindump. Several months ago, when I was setting up the project, editing the percussion map for the project wasn’t a problem. However, I recently had cause to change it, but discovered I can’t edit my custom percussion map without Dorico crashing. Daniel, Ulf, and Co., would you be able to shed any light on the problem?
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1.21 MB)
Dorico (1.41 MB)

Sorry you’re experiencing this crash. It looks from the crash logs as if Dorico is crashing when you’re double-clicking something in Play > Percussion Maps. What are you double-clicking? There’s nothing in the dialog that requires double-clicking, though of course the program shouldn’t crash.

Thank you Daniel. I was editing the “instrument” designation of C2 in the percussion map. As soon as I select an instrument for that note, and click “OK,” Dorico crashes. I have attached a screenshot to clarify.

I just wanted to add some information: percussion map editing of the same kind I mentioned above will produce a crash in Dorico 3.5, even in a new file. Dorico 3.1.10 does not create any problems.

Thanks for reporting this. This is going wrong because of a change we’ve made to make this dialog open as a sheet in Dorico 3.5, to solve a problem with the child dialog ending up behind its parent. But we will need to disable the behaviour of double-clicking in the list view to confirm your choice. For the time being, please simply select the instrument you want, then either click OK or type Return to avoid the crash. Sorry for the inconvenience.