Dorico crashing when pressing the "delete" key

I have a problem with Dorico crashing after using the “delete” key (to delete some notes or slash region).
In a last few weeks it happened to me multiple times, without any warning. Every time it happens, the backup system fails and, though it says “auto-saved projects can be recovered” and shows me the title of the project I’ve been currently working on, it’s not working properly. When I open those “recovered” projects, all of the changes made in them between saving the project (by myself, not the backup system) and hitting the “delete” key are gone.
Do you know, how could I solve this problem?

Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting file – called “Dorico”, created on your desktop – to a reply to this thread? Hopefully I’ll be able to see what’s causing the crash.