Dorico default player


I have Absolute 3 and Dorico license. Dorico always use Halion Sonic SE 2 as default player. Is it possible to change that? I would like to use Halion Sonic 3, or Halion 6 instead of HSSE2. Even HSSE3 would be better solution than HSSE2.
I know that I can change this manually, but it will be nice to have option to choose default player.


HS SE 3 completely replaces the 64 bit HS SE 2 once installed. Don’t forget to also install the HS SE 3.0.15 update.

Thanks for the answer!
Do I have to uninstall HSS2 to get HSS3 as default player in Dorico?

It’s installed over HS SE 2, so no need to uninstall anything.

I installed Dorico first, then Cubase 8 and Absolute 2, and finally Cubase 9 and Absolute 3. HSSE2 is still here and shows in Cubase and Dorico as default player. :slight_smile:

Because you didn’t install HS SE 3.

OK, thanks!