Dorico demonstration video

Hi folks! Following a few posts on the forum requesting a training video for Dorico, I thought I’d slap together something quickly and put it on up YouTube. It covers some of the basics, like note and rest entry, cross-staff notes, custom beaming, lyrics, and other things. Hopefully it will help some people who are having trouble getting started with Dorico.

If you’d like more videos like this, please let me know. We can all help each other fill in the gaps until that 2,500-page manual magically appears! :laughing:

Here’s the link to the video:

Thanks, Andrew. Your video did a great job of introducing me to several aspects of Dorico I was unfamiliar with and reinforcing others that I had already come across. I look forward to any future videos you might put together. On a related subject, I think it is wonderful when members of the Dorico community can come together to help each other, leaving the Dorico team more free to work on the next update!

As the originator of the training video thread, a big thank you from me too. There were several elements in there that I was unaware of, and you set it up precisely how I had envisaged. Very helpful - thanks.

Hi, Thank you for taking the time and posted this video. I picked up some things that I was not familiar with.

Thanks so much, cantilena.

This kind of thing fills a real need and highlights the great value a passionate community brings to what otherwise would be a piece of software. I look forward to any further videos you are able to produce.

For me, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a hundred thousand.

What did you use for screen capture? Did you just aim a camera at the screen?

I used a fabulous screen capture/screencast program called Camtasia. It records the screen and my microphone simultaneously, outputs an MP4 file which I upload to YouTube.

You’re welcome. I agree - I would like bug fixes and new features a lot more than a manual. If we all share what we know, pretty soon we’ll all be expert users.

Dear Cantilena,

First, thanks very much !

I just watched your video and this might interest you. If you want the slur to end while entering note, you have to shift+S.
When a syllabe hyphenated lasts more than two notes, you can press the hyphen as many times as you need the lyrics popup to go forward. It is more logical than your “hypen and space” method, at least for those used to using Sibelius :wink:

Thanks very much for this! While browsing on the forums today I did encounter the Shift+S tip, and thanks to you it’s firmly embedded in my brain!

Also, thanks for the hyphen tip. I’m coming from Finale, and I find that entering lyrics works EXACTLY as it did in Finale, so I think that’s why I execute the hyphen-space maneuver instead of hyphen-hyphen-etc. It’s good to know that either works! I’m personally a fan of software that gives you several different ways to do things (clicking, keyboard shortcuts, popovers, menu flyouts, etc.) and it’s good to see that the Dorico folks have given a lot of thought to making their program intuitive in its usage.

I’m looking forward to being able to input lyrics pasted in from an external source (like the click-assignment function in Finale) instead of having to type them in syllable by syllable. Still, for the first version of a notation program, Dorico’s treatment of and spacing for lyrics is impressive!

There is a nice shortcut for pickup bars: If you want, for example, one quarter note upbeat in your 3/4 then type 3/4,1

I saw this on London Launch Event Live Stream Video, demonstrated by Daniel.

Nice video, I’ve already shared it in the Dorico FB Group.

For those of us who are fluent in Spanish, I recommend the excellents videos posted there :

Very professional job !

Great job with the video! It showed me some things I already know and some I didn’t know. Even the review of the things I did, it was great to see perhaps a different method! Excellent work, and thanks for the help!


Side scrolling is easy with SHIFT+MOUSE-WHEEL.