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What’s the point of choosing the layout you want to edit in Write mode instead of choosing which Flow you want to edit? If you have a symphony orchestra, Movement 1 = Flow 1, and you choose to edit Flow 1 but for whatever reason you wanted to concentrate on Violin I, just filter it out. What do you gain by looking at the layouts in Write mode? Why can’t you just choose which Flow you want to add/edit/remove music to?

if you want to edit a layout, it has to be done in Engrave Mode (you can’t edit a layout in Write Mode).

If I understand you correctly, what you mean is why is it possible to enter musical material directly into layouts that aren’t necessarily full score?

I frequently do this when proofreading parts - most often entering cues but also adding missing dynamics or slurs or text information etc. I don’t find myself entering notes unless I have really missed something obvious (eg an incomplete bar).

I guess another reason would be that many people won’t just be working on Flow 1, and the flows could be spread out over different layouts for whatever reason. In this case, you could definitely need to be switching layouts in Write Mode


A Layout defines how the Flow appears. If the Flow doesn’t have a Layout, then it doesn’t appear.

You can’t view a Flow independently of a layout, because a layout is how you view a flow.

I wonder if the question relates to navigation - switching Layouts vs switching Flows in Write Mode?

If I understand the OP correctly, the question is about choosing a layout in order to see only Flute 1 versus using the instrument filter to see only Flute 1.

The ability to adjust size & spacing, edit system breaks & page turns, make changes not reflected in the score (such as enharmonics, clefs, etc.)

Indeed it is better to do entry in the score, usually in galley view. But to make well-formatted parts you also have to be able to see what will print and work directly on it.

Does this answer the question? I still don’t get the connection you’re making to flows.

Different projects have different requirements. You may have an orchestral piece, but prefer working with sketch instruments - a separate layout for just sketch instruments might be useful. Later, when orchestrating, you might want strings sketch together with full strings (a different layout). At the end of the project, many layouts may be deleted.

Yes I could use galley mode filters, but personally I prefer to work in page mode as it reminds me of pencil and paper.


Tell us what you mean! I’m slowly dying from anticipation! :joy:

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