Dorico Diagnostics Help


I’ve been using Dorico for a few weeks now and it has been stalling and crashing with irritating frequency. I read some other threads here about Dorico becoming unresponsive, and it looks like I’m having the same problem. The audio engine seems to be crashing a lot. Dorico becomes unresponsive and needs to force quitted usually when I’m working on a flow with a really large number of instruments. I understand this is to be expected, but there have been several times that Dorico has crashed like 5 times within 5 minutes, and it’s getting really difficult to work with…

I created a Diagnostics report, but I’m not really sure what to do with it or how to move around this problem. I’ve attached the diagnostics report here.

Any help appreciated.

Dorico (688 KB)

These are known problems that should be fixed if you update to the latest elcc. Mostly these affect Catalina users, but some 10.14 users are also sometimes affected.

See here:

Welcome to the forum, vrang. You need to do two things: update to Dorico 3.0.10, and update to the latest eLicenser Control Center. It’s important you do this in the right order.

Download Dorico 3.0.10 here.

Download the latest eLicenser Control Center here.

Thank you! Made the upgrade and it’s working a lot better now.