Dorico dialog won't display

Hi, I’m struggling to get into working with Dorico 3.5 pro, I like it but there are many new obstacles every time I try. Anyway, one thing I can’t get right is seeing the full frame chain dialog when I have a frame in the lower part of the page. I have a 15’’ laptop with Windows 10, and I have tried to alter settings back and forth there with no luck. I wish I could just grab the dialog and move it (so I could press the unlink button). Any good advise?

Stefan, Sweden

Welcome to the form, Stefan. Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Are you able to zoom in a little so that you can then scroll the music further up your display, and thus open the frame filter to its full height?

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Yes! Of course! Thanks a lot for your quick solution to my problem! And now on to the big one… I’m trying to find a way of using Dorico for my purposes, and one thing I want to do is to make very short, daily musical notes, like sketches, and just call them 1, 2, 3, etc. So far I have been doing so by inserting new frames as I go, making new flows. The trouble is that my way of doing it seems to make a bit of a mess in the program’s automatic procedures. I bet there are settings and ways to do that could help me. So, to begin with, I would appreciate o be pointed to any videos about working with frames and continuingly creating new flows, often on the same page as the previous one.
All the best, Stefan

I think I would simply recommend using the automatic features Dorico provides, rather than trying to manage all of the layout yourself. Create a new full score layout via the Layouts panel in Setup mode, then on the Page Setup page of Layout Options, under the Flows heading, set New flows to Allow on existing page. Take a look at how the new layout looks: hopefully it’s reasonably close to what you have in mind.


Yes, I’ll keep on with that then. There are a bunch of instances where I unwillingly wander astray and find myself in strange lands. So starting over until I get it is probably the best way. Thanks for your advise!

YES! Got it right! Thanks to your advise.